The most natural Air Purifier and Air Freshener

Just like in nature, this 4-in-1 indoor micro-climate purifies the air, regulates excess humidity, self-waters plants, and gets rid of odours.

Urbie Air is not your typical air filter, it was designed to mimic nature in many aspects so you can breathe better, feel good, and become productive throughout the day. It leverages mother nature’s natural filters such as plants, hemp and activated charcoal.

grow lamp

USB Port Grow Light Lamp

If your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, we’ve got you covered. We added a built-in USB port to Urbie Air eco-friendly air purifier that can be used to plug-in a UV Grow Light lamp! 

2-Liter Detachable Water Tank

Thanks to accurate water level sensors, you’ll always be notified via the app when your plant is running low on water. Especially during dry seasons!


UrbieAir: Eco-Friendly Air Purifier
6- Stage Filtration System

Stages of filtration
particle in the air
indoor pollutant

Monitor your home air quality in real-time from anywhere when you sync
with the Urbie Air App on your phone.

Urbie Colors


The vibrant rose creates a sense of energy and playfulness. The Pearl provides a dose of neatness that will blend in well with any decor. And our Classic Shadow color is our favorite, it’s timeless with a modern edge, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal.

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