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An eco-friendly Air Purifier that uses 95% less plastic in its air filters compared to most purifiers

Urbie Air will make you breathe better, feel good, and productive throughout the day. This air purifier mimics nature in every aspect, so you can feel like you’re in nature.

We’ve spent years studying nature and how it purifies the air to come up with the optimal air purification system. The polluted air will have to go through a 6 stage purification process before it makes its way back to your home. It will first have to go through the first line of defense — your plant, which acts as a natural pre-filter. Plants soil contain important microorganisms that help break down pollutants into safer compounds. The cleaner air will then have to go through large chunks of activated charcoal which adsorbs toxic fumes and odours. Then the air is further pulled through a pre-screening layer of mesh screen that’ll put a stop to any large dust particles that can be easily peeled off. Finally the air goes through a washable nano fiber layer that removes particles as small as 0.3 microns! 

We also believe that humidity plays a major role in exacerbating pollutants, especially nasty mold spores and dust mites. So we added a dehumidifier element, just in case it gets too humid in the summer. We’ve added sensor reading that’ll detect when humidity levels are high and will activate the dehumidifier only when it’s needed. Best part? The water doesn’t need to be emptied, it’ll be recycled and used to self-water you plant.

grow lamp

USB Port Grow Light Lamp

If your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, we’ve got you covered. We added a built-in USB port to Urbie Air eco-friendly air purifier that can be used to plug-in a UV Grow Light lamp! Or you can simply charge your phone with it.

This works perfectly well for people who want to place an additional air purifier in their basements, while still benefiting from having a plant.

2-Liter Detachable Water Tank

Thanks to accurate water level sensors, you’ll always be notified via the app when your plant is running low on water. Especially during dry seasons!

We’ve made it easy for you to detach the water tank. Simply drag it out, re-fill it with water and you never need to worry about under-watering or over-watering your plant! Click here to learn how to reuse AC water. 


UrbieAir: Eco-Friendly Air Purifier
6- Stage Filtration System

Stages of filtration

Build in sensor will help your plant to stay moistered with
an ultimate self-watering system!

self-watering system
energy saving
particle in the air
indoor pollutant

Monitor your home air quality in real-time from anywhere when you sync
with the Urbie Air App on your phone.

Urbie Colors


We’ve chosen some of the best color combinations. The vibrant rose creates a sense of energy and playfulness. The Pearl provides a dose of neatness that will blend in well with any decor. And our Classic Shadow color is our favorite (one shown in our video), it’s timeless with a modern edge, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal.

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