Frequently Asked Questions

Is the distilled water safe for the plant?

The water is 100% safe for plant, the distilled water is the purest form of water, it does not contain harmful metals. Unlike large sized dehumidifiers, we are using peltier technology which does not form any toxic elements in the condensate. 

Can I place any plant in Urbie?

We highly recommend plants that like to drink water and are known to be air purifying, such as Jasmine, spider plant and Boston fern. These plants are non-toxic to pets and humans according to ASPAC. However, we prodvide a catalogue of the best indoor plants that are known to be air purifying and work well with Urbie Air’s system 

What is the amount of energy that Urbie consumes?

Depending on the humidity level, when the humidty is low, the device will only consume 1.8W 12V by using a fan to purify the air. When humidity exceeds the preferrable amount, for example 50%, the peltier dehumidifer will switch on automatically using 12V 120W. Once the humidity lowers down to the initial setting point, the dehumidifier will switch off. The device will come with power adapter of 12V DC 10AMP 

What is the ideal size room to use Urbie?

Ideal for rooms up to 23.2 sq m, 89.4 Cubic meter.  

How much water can the device pull from the air?

Extracts up to 0.5L of moisture per day at 30°C and 60% R.H. If the these conditions are not met, the extraction of water will be lower. However, in summer the humidity and temperature are at a high level. Plants drink more water on summer, making it a perfect balance.

What if the humidity is low?

Incase the humidity was low, the water tank is detachable and can be filled manually so the plant can still drink whenever it is thirsty. 

How do I know if the water tank is empty?

A water level sensor detects whether the water tank is empty or full, you will receive a notification from our application via Wifi. If the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will automatically shutoff until the water tank is emptied. 

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